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Your lodge sleeps a maximum of 4 persons. Bed linen, towels, loo rolls and cleaning provisions are all provided for you. Please do not take the bedding outside of your lodge. We do not have a mains sewage system so, other than toilet paper, please do not try to flush anything else down the loo!  A bin is provided for this purpose.

WIFI: Free Wi-Fi available for you to use, you will find the password in the front of your welcome pack.

TV: You have a smart TV on the wall and you will find the controls on the shelf below it.

HEATING: There is a radiator located in the livening area. If you are feeling chilly, you can turn the heating on with switch on the wall by the side of the radiator and then lift the flap at the end of the heater to select your heat. Please ensure all windows and doors are closed if the heating is on as we would like to protect the environment. Please switch the heating off when you leave the lodge.

HEATED TOWEL RAIL: The towel rail in the bathroom can be heated. You will find the switch for this on the wall in the utility area.

HOT WATER: You have 15 litres of hot water to use in either the bathroom or kitchen sinks at any one time.  This water heats up automatically so if you find you have run out of hot water, simply wait a while and it will re-heat. The shower is electric so should provide you with a constant stream of warm water.

COOKING: The hob and oven/grill are electric. There is a mains switch for this on the wall in the kitchen area. If you find you are unable to use the hob and it displays the code ‘LO’ this means that it has been locked. Press and hold the button with a key shape and this will unlock the hob. A manual for the cooker can be found in the utility box in the utility area.

BBQ: A gas BBQ is provided for your use outside. Please be sensible whilst using this and do not, under any circumstance, move the BBQ onto the porch area or inside the lodge. Please turn the gas off at the bottle when you have finished using it.

HOT TUB: The hot tub is on at all times as this both maintains the temperature and keeps the filters working. Every few hours or so, the jets switch themselves on, this is a self-clean process and is normal. Turning the two vents at the top, next to the control panel, will limit the air flow and make this a little quieter. Please put the lid back on the hot tub when not in use, otherwise you will find that the temperature will drop and could take some time to re-heat. It is also more environmentally friendly to do this. NO GLASS PLEASE!

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